Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What is this blog?

This is an intermittent attempt to translate Mayn Krig mit Hersh Raseyner, a novella by Khayim Grade. The original is available on-line. My entries (parts of the translation) will be keyed to the page numbers of the PDF version of the original.

I am aware that there are other translations, but I find them either unsatisfactory or not easily available.

There are many complicated issues in annotating a translation such as this one, including the transliteration, translation, or glossing of Hebrew and Yiddish terms which require a reasonable acquaintance with traditional Jewish religious learning. I am going to ignore those issues for the time being.

The main point of this blog is to get comments, and to acquaint more people with this important work of literature.

I would prefer that no part of this translation be reprinted in any journal, book, newspaper, or other publication without my consent. You may, of course, freely e-mail the translation to friends and enemies alike.


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