Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Copyright issues

I stupidly neglected to consider copyright issues. Until I have straightened those out, or am reasonably sure that I am not infringing on copyright by maintaining this blog, consider this endeavor stillborn.

Update: I have thought about this some more. The last-published translation, in Howe and Greenberg's A Treasury of Yiddish Stories, is (over) fifty years old, and, moreover, I disagree with some of the choices made there in translation. Further, this blog's translation is not meant for profit, or even for publication (not yet, anyway) -- rather, it is meant to acquaint readers with this novella and help me with the ongoing translation.

If any reliable legal authority, or the holders of copyright for the original story, takes me to task, I will cease and desist, but in the meantime I will continue.


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